Test Equipment


OTDR and iOLM Testing

OTDRs are at the core of EXFO’s optical expertise. Leading the OTDR market with a 48% market share and the broadest OTDR portfolio, EXFO offers an OTDR built smart for any type of network.

Based on field knowledge and 20 years of OTDR expertise, EXFO’s OTDRs are designed to meet network operators’ latest requirements. Combining intelligence and accuracy with user-friendliness, our solutions require minimal training and provide you with measurements you can trust, minimizing truck rolls and accelerating workflow in the field.

With numerous singlemode and multimode configurations available at several wavelengths, our OTDRs come in handheld or modular formats.

Intelligent Optical Link Mapper (iOLM)

Innovation is front and center at EXFO, and the iOLM is a prime example of a game-changing solution. The iOLM lets you take advantage of the full power of your OTDR, bringing automation to a new level—and enabling even the untrained technician to become a test expert in no time.

Next-Generation SONET, SDH, OTN and Multiservice Testing

At the core of EXFO’s expertise are next-gen SONET / SDH, OTN, Ethernet and multiservice testers that are designed to take testing to the next level. These instruments address the needs of field technicians seeking ultimate portability and ease-of-use, as well as network managers and systems vendors who require flexible and scalable, future-proof solutions.

SONET, SDH and OTN Networks: Powerful and Flexible Solutions

Delivering performance assurance for today’s high-speed services is essential to our customers. EXFO offers a complete portfolio of modules in two compact, portable platforms to address our customers’ needs.